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Vibrating plate

D. GUTZWILLER supplies vibrating plates with 2 or 3 pads for the compacting of:

  • Thin and thick layers.
  • Granular material.
  • Mixed soils.
  • Paving stones.
  • Cambered, flat and banked track.
  • Stabilised soil.
  • Construction of sports grounds.

Vibrating plates can be fitted to the front or rear of a tractor, on a loader, a hydraulic shovel, a grader or a compactor. The independent mounting of the pads so that they are free to move means they can be adapted to the profile of the surface to be compacted. As an option the system can be mounted on a chassis of 350 mm on each side.

The vibrating plates ensure dynamic compacting up to 50 cm depth.


  • Vertical compacting.
  • Amplitude and frequency can be continuously adjusted.
  • High compacting capacity.
  • Excellent surface compacting result.
  • Closes porous surfaces.
  • Efficient when soil conditions are heterogeneous: fine material moves to the surface.
  • Reproduces the track profile.


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