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Heavy duty grading blade LLG

Grading blades of the series heavy duty 4.5 - 6 metre series are used for heavy grading and surfacing work controlled by a laser or GPS system.

Their cutting profile and their high mass ensure excellent penetration into the soil. The hydraulic system instantaneously and reliably translates the position correction information provided by the guidance system.

These graders can be used instead of scrapers for numerous construction site applications. Changeovers between excavation and filling areas are very quick, with no driver activation of the lifting controls required, while significant volumes are readily moved.

The lifting solenoid valves are controlled either in manual operating mode by the operator using manipulators, or by the laser or GPS system in automatic mode.

Laser guidance:

The machine's hydraulic lifting system is intended to be commanded by 1 or 2 laser receivers installed on the blade (elevation control and continuous plate correction if a 2nd receiver is fitted).

The machine control and management systems in 2D, G30LC or G55LC are perfectly adapted on the LLG blade for earthmoving, excavation and filling work right down to fine adjustment (dependent on the system).

With a G55LC system, the blade can function without a laser reference, with the help of an angular sensor and an ultrasonic feeler during creation of a transverse bank or slope using a kerb or wire as a reference.

The upgrading to a 3D or GPS guidance system is likewise possible using a G55LC system.

  • Reduced dimension (width) transport device
  • Heavy duty coupling
  • Dismountable tailor drawbar for packing in a container
  • Rear magnetic lighting
Type LLG 4.50 LLG 5.00 LLG 6.00
Working width (m) 4,5 5 6
Height of the dozer blade body (m) 1,35 1,35 1,35
Dozer blade capacity (m3) 5 to 7 6 to 8 7 to 10
Rquired rating of the tractor (HP) ≥ 180 ≥ 200 ≥ 250
Intrinsic weight of the front dozer blade (kg) 6.800 7.200 7.900
Recommended tractor weight (kg) 12.000 13.500 15.000
Penetrating power of the blade knife (kg/m) 1.511 1.440 1.316

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