Stone removal

Stone picker

Originating from a high technology background, the stone picker 3420 is the ideal tool for picking up stones from windrows or directly.

The strong points of our pickers:

  • Working width of 2.50 m.
  • Floating rotor with hydropneumatic suspension.
  • Torque limiter on the transverse transmission.
  • Detachable grill separating soil and stones.
  • Rotor teeth, singly retractable.
  • 3 m3 hopper with screen bottom.
  • Discharge up to 3.2m height.
  • Gentle on soils and stable thanks to 4 wheels mounted on an equalizer beam.
  • A double-effect oil connection is necessary, supplying an electrohydraulic distributor, all of the functions are grouped together in an electrical box in the cab.
  • Pick-up capacity of 40 to 50 tonnes/hour.
Type RAMA 3420
Working width (m) 2,5
Total width (m) 2,47
Working depth (mm) 0 - 100
Capacity (m3) 3
Number of teeth 34
Height of unloading (m) 3,2
Rotor speed (rpm) 62
PTO speed (U/min) 540
Rquired rating of the tractor (HP) ≥ 80
Weight (kg) 3750

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