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BSC stone crushers

Stone crushers of the BSC range are characterised by their performance, their quality, their reliability, their high working depth and a unique crushing capacity.
Based on an innovative design, the BSC transmission technology (patented) ensures excellent reliability, optimum safety and performance that conforms with the growth in tractor power.

The BSC meets the needs of business owners: Yield and profitability!

The BSC has an exceptionally long service life, constructed from the best anti-abrasion steels. All loaded parts are easily interchangeable, which ensures a long service life.
The accessibility of all of the transmission units is facilitated by an integral rapid opening assembly.

Unequalled crushing capacity:

  • Able to treat a stony soil down to 40 cm depth
  • Large choice of granulometry thanks to its hydraulically adjustable anvil which meets the needs of all types of site.

The BSC stone crusher, the solution for all your work:

  • Preparation of subgrades before treatment of the soil (platforms, motorways, high-speed railway lines...
  • Crushing of extraction products from pipeline excavations.
  • Preparation of tracks, ski-runs.
  • All stone crushing work requiring a depth of 0 to 40 cm.

These stone crushers are equipped as standard with centralised lubrication equipment ensuring the lubrication of the main elements of the stone crusher. The excess grease from the transmission bearings is stored in scavengers.

Type BSC 250 BSC 300
Working width (m) 2,5 3
Total width (m) 2,6 3,1
Working depth (mm) 0 - 400 0 - 400
Number of hammers 32 40
Number of belts 2 x 1 synchrone 2 x 1 synchrone
Rotor speed (rpm) 880 880
Rotor diameter (mm) 670 670
PTO speed (U/min) 1000 1000
Rquired rating of the tractor (HP) ≥ 350 ≥ 400
Weight (kg) 5600 6500

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