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The company "D.GUTZWILLER SAS" is the founding company of the "GUTZWILLER-GROUP", an independent group of companies belonging to the GUTZWILLER family. The group is based in Lucelle in the French Haut-Rhin department (department number 68). It employs 15 people, its production is primarily concerned with precision levelling equipment, pavement compacting, track repair, soil stabilisation, but it is also specialised in the reselling of stone removal and tree shredding machinery.

D .GUTZWILLER, along with his partner STREUMASTER, design products adapted to your needs.
In general, our equipment allows you to optimally exploit the adaptability and versatility of agricultural tractors used as toolholders in wide ranges of activity:

  • Participation in the improvement of off-the-shelf equipment in partnership with our suppliers.
  • Design, development and manufacturing of custom machinery under our own brand name.
  • Buyback of drawings (e.g.: AUTEC levelling machinery), then industrialisation of the products by a subcontractor or by group production companies, these products supplementing our already existing ranges.

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